6 Improving Change Management through Better Testing

Improving Change Management through Better Testing

About Research Edge:

Research Edge is a full service firm that specializes in quantitative and qualitative technology research. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon - and with partners providing 20+ years of experience with IT research - Research Edge provides worldwide coverage and an emphasis on business-to-business IT.
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About StackSafe:

StackSafe provides software infrastructure testing solutions that enable IT Operations to significantly improve uptime and resiliency. StackSafe's flagship product, StackSafeTM Test Center, directly addresses the challenge of incomplete and ineffective IT Operations staging and testing of changes to multi-tiered software infrastructure stacks. With Test Center, StackSafe provides the first easy-to-use virtualized staging and testing solution that enables IT Operations to understand the business impact of changes — before they touch production systems. Based in Vienna, Virginia, StackSafe serves IT Operations teams across multiple vertical markets.
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Improving availability requires IT operations teams to leverage test and analysis capabilities to better understand the impact of changes before they are made in production.

IT Operations groups are under tremendous pressure to maintain nearly 100% uptime for a growing number of multi-tiered systems running on large production infrastructures. As the number of changes across the business application stack grows due to more complex environments and IT trends, IT operations teams will need to understand the impact of changes and feel more certain about the changes they implement.

Inadequate testing is a key reason for changes going awry.

IT Operations teams do not have time, resources, or budget to adequately represent their production software infrastructure in their testing and staging environment. As a result, delays and rollbacks are common.

This webinar presents findings from a recent study by Research Edge on the maturity of change management practices in IT organizations. StackSafe's Dennis Powell and Ecora's Chris Mark Tordoff use the study's findings as a basis for discussing:

  • The three categories organizations tend to fall in with regard to test maturity:
  • Why representative testing and staging environments are increase in importance as the volume and complexity of changes increases.
  • Validation of production environments final step in testing and staging changes.

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