6 HIMSS Analytics Webinar: Ensuring Electronic Medical Records are Available and Secure in Complex Medical IT Environments

HIMSS Analytics Webinar: Ensuring Electronic Medical Records are Available and Secure in Complex Medical IT Environments

Michael Davis is Executive Vice President of HIMSS Analytics and has over 30 years of healthcare experience. In this webinar, Michael will provide a review of the provider healthcare IT environment based on research by HIMSS Analytics. Michael's discussion will focus specifically on overall application adoption, projected spending as it relates to the increasing complexity and sophistication of hospital IT environments, and the increasing complex infrastructures needed to support these environments.

As part of the presentation, we will evaluate the pain points for healthcare IT professionals that are emerging with the management of these environments. Security, business continuity/disaster recovery gaps, and the use of tools to monitor the IT environment will be evaluated against sample market data. The webinar will conclude with market insights for adoption and growth for these emerging focus areas.

Joining Michael will be Chris Chesley, Senior Systems Engineer with Ecora Software. Chris will share how Ecora's Auditor Professional 4.5 can help to establish a comprehensive understanding of your infrastructure's configuration, how to create policies and rules based on HIPAA requirements related to infrastructure management and security, determine the gaps in your present enterprise configuration, and how to effectively identify and remediate gaps that may develop to ensure compliance with HIPAA and your own internal security standards is sustained.

What we'll cover:

  • Review of the provider healthcare IT environment relative to overall application adoption and budgets.
  • Review of the electronic medical records (EMR) adoption in healthcare; higher EMR capabilities equals higher risk exposure relative to business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Review of sample market IT professional concerns for IT failures; server, network, and/or databases
  • Review of sample market capabilities for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Market Conclusions
  • How an automated configuration audit and analytics solution can expedite HIPAA adoption, improve EMR security, and enhance IT business continuity and disaster recovery plans

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