6 The Explosive Growth of SAS 70 Audits

The Explosive Growth of SAS 70 Audits

It once was a little-known auditing standard, but much has changed of late for Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70, more commonly known as SAS 70. Over the past five years, the number of SAS 70 audits has grown explosively due to the massive wave of regulatory compliance mandates and legislation unleashed in this country. From Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) to Gramm Leach Bliley (GLBA) and many other requirements, the SAS 70 auditing standard is alive and well, often used as the main "go to" compliance audit for many of these well-known regulatory compliance laws.

How well recognized are SAS 70 audits? Many industry professionals regard SAS 70 Type I and SAS 70 Type II audits as being among the most highly recognized and well known auditing standards for meeting compliance mandates in the world. From South Africa to the EU, the SAS 70 standard is a powerful and respected auditing tool. In short, SAS 70 audits have widely become known as the "de facto" auditing standard throughout the United States and the world regarding the reporting on an organization's internal controls related to the aspects of their infrastructure that impact the use, transmission or storage of regulated financial data.

In this presentation, SAS 70 auditor Charles Denyer, a member of NDB Accountants and Consultants, will help you learn about hard hitting unbiased facts about SAS 70 audits from one of the country's most experienced auditors. From small privately held start ups to multinational Silicon Valley giants, Mr. Denyer has provided SAS 70 services to a wide range of companies in dozens of industries. Joining Mr. Denyer, will be Shahzad Hussain, an Ecora Senior Systems Engineer, who will share how an automated configuration audit and compliance reporting solution like Ecora Auditor Pro can automate important SAS 70 audit reporting and ensure those standards continue to be sustained.

What we cover:

  • A brief history of SAS 70 audits
  • Why the explosive growth within the past five years
  • What industries are being affected by SAS 70 audits
  • How are SAS 70 audits priced
  • Tips on getting a fair, equitable fee for a SAS 70 audit
  • Understanding audit scope and the two (2) types of SAS 70 audits offered
  • What the future holds for SAS 70
  • Expert tips and advice for preparing your organization for a SAS 70
  • Do's and don't of SAS 70 audits
  • How to get an copy of an actual SAS 70 Type II report for FREE
  • The importance of automating the discovery and reporting of enterprise configuration attributes
  • Evaluating SAS 70 policies and rules against current system configurations

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