6 5 Keys to a Successful Customer Information Risk Assessment

5 Keys to a Successful Customer Information Risk Assessment

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Wolf & Company, P.C. is a regional certified public accounting and business consulting firm with offices in Boston and Springfield, Massachusetts and Albany, New York. Wolf maintains national capability through affiliation with a group of independent accounting firms in the United States with international capability abroad. The Firm serves both publicly traded and closely held, entrepreneurial driven businesses representing many industries. We are one of few firms in New England that provide financial and operational Internal Audit, Information Technology Assurance and Regulatory Compliance services. This allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive and seamless outsourcing services. A complete description is provided at www.wolfandco.com.

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Data theft continues to make headlines. In nearly every case, these breaches could have been prevented if proper risk management activities were implemented per industry laws and regulations. Whether it's the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Gramm Leach Bliley, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or local state laws and regulations, compliance with privacy rules and regulations is required or the organization risks costly lawsuits and negative publicity that result in financial losses. By building continual risk assessment and compliance into your operations, you can effectively mitigate the risk of data theft, reduce financial loss due to non-compliance, and lower the compliance costs.

This webinar provides a practical approach to customer risk assessment and will discuss the control processes necessary to build security into operations. Wolf & Company, P.C.'s William Nowik and Ecora's Shahzad Hussain will discuss the following issues on how you can build compliance into your operations:

  • Developing an inventory of all business processes and functions
  • Identifying, classifying and linking all paper inputs, paper outputs, technologies and facilities to identified business processes and functions
  • Assessing risk for business functions and processes
  • Analyzing Customer Information risk assessment results
  • Developing a program for periodic review of privacy controls
  • Why automating the reporting of enterprise configuration attributes is a key to an effective Customer Information Risk Assessment

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