Auditor Help: Troubleshooting

Ecora makes every effort to provide intuitive interfaces and meaningful error messages to improve the experience with Ecora software. Should you encounter problems, we hope the following information will help you resolve the issue(s) rapidly so you can continue using Auditor to meet your needs.

Resources The following resources should prove useful in your troubleshooting efforts:
System Requirements (Always the FIRST step)
Diagram of Auditor Architecture
Diagram of Auditor Process Flow & Flow
General Auditor Troubleshooting
Frequently Asked Questions
Orphaned Processes
Ecora Debugging
Ecora Log Files
Maintenance Checklist
Advanced Database Setup
Using SNMP
Port Usage
Windows Event Codes
Windows Connection IP Usage
Testing and Correcting WMI Hanging
Troubleshooting Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard
Troubleshooting Oracle
Ecora White Papers

You are always welcome to contact our technical support staff at:
By phone: 1.877.92.ECORA (32672)
By fax: 1.603.436.1604
By email: