Auditor Help: Scheduling Jobs with Non-Auditor Tasks

This document describes creating a scheduled task within the Ecora Auditor Professional product for non-Auditor applications. This technique can be useful when a dependency between an Auditor task and a non-Auditor task is desired. Ecora Auditor Professional version 3.6 or higher is required. The following screenshots demonstrate the technique with the Windows module, but applies to all modules.

The following example creates a task within the Auditor software to launch a non-Auditor application at a specified time.

  1. Open Auditor Professional.
    Scheduling Job with Non-Auditor Tasks
  2. Click on the Scheduled Tasks tab in the left pane.
  3. Select an existing archiving task and click Copy....
    Scheduling Job with Non-Auditor Tasks
  4. Enter a name for the copied task and click OK.
  5. With the new task selected, click the Schedule... button.
    Scheduling Job with Non-Auditor Tasks
  6. Enter the path and application to be run.
  7. Enter the correct start-in path and any necessary comments.
    Scheduling Job with Non-Auditor Tasks

This task can now be run from the Ecora Task Scheduler tab just like other jobs.

WARNING WARNING:  Use the Schedule... button to make changes and to view the task command. Do not use the Edit... button to make changes to this task - it may add command line parameters to the task whereas the Schedule... button displays the command line.

Task dependencies can be set from the Ecora Task Scheduler. In the following example, the Calculator task is the parent of the Notepad task.

  1. Copy a previous task.
  2. Create a task for launching Notepad.exe - do this by copying a previous task.
    Scheduling Job with Non-Auditor Tasks
  3. Make the Calculator task the parent for Notepad.
    Scheduling Job with Non-Auditor Tasks
    Scheduling Job with Non-Auditor Tasks

In this case, Notepad.exe is launched after the Calculator task finishes.

Note! Note:  There is a slight delay starting the task due to the refresh time between the Ecora Task Scheduler service and the Microsoft Task Scheduler service.