Auditor Help: Using SNMP

Reference For additional information about SNMP, see Using SNMP for Network Management, Microsoft TechNet Chapter 11.

There may be additional steps for your SNMP Manager or Trap Service.
For, example, configuring HPOpenView, would require the following steps:

  1. Locate the following file installed with Auditor:
  2. In OpenView, choose Options...Load/Unload MIBs: SNMP.
  3. Once you have loaded this file, choose Options... Event Configuration.
  4. In the first listbox, find ecoraCorp.
  5. For each event shown for ecoraCorp in the second listbox, double-click, go to Event Message tab, and:
    • Match the severity to something similar to the event name.
    • In Event Log Message, set the format to something like: $3 $9 $5 Message:$1
  6. Save your changes and return to the Ecora software.