Auditor Help: Search Utility

Run the Ecora software, in the left pane, select the documentation report you wish to search, and choose Tools... Search... (or write-click and select from the pop-up menu).

Quick Search

Enter a search string into the Find field and press Go!.

Quick Search Dialog Box

After the search engine builds an index, you should receive browser containing a return list containing the file heading, the match rating (more stars indicate a better match), a three-line excerpt with your search string in bold, and the filename and size for each occurrence of your search string.

Note!  Notes: If you entered more than one word, your return list contains occurrences of ALL the words of your search string. (For example, search string "Cisco IOS" (without the quotation marks) finds only those files that contain both "IOS" and "cisco." Please read the Advanced Search instructions below. Expression searching (words in sequence or whole phrases) is not currently supported.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search Dialog Box

  1. Enter a search string into the Find field.
    NOTE  Notes:
    • The search engine is NOT case-sensitive; "IP" and "ip" both find all occurrences of "IP" in the text.
    • Partial word searches are not supported; search string "DHC" will not find "DHCP." However, the search engine supports standard English dictionary derivatives; search string "install" finds "installs," "installed," and "installation."
    • Numbers are valid search strings.
  2. Choose either Long Version or Short Version from the In drop-down list.
  3. Choose All, Any, or Boolean from the Match drop-down list.
    NOTE  Notes:
    • All finds files in which every word in the search string occurs.
    • Any finds files in which one or more of the words in the search string occur.
    • Boolean finds files in which occurrences match the valid Boolean query expressions used in the search string. Valid Boolean operators are: and, or, and not (meaning without)
    • Connection and X.400 -- Boolean
    • IMAP Client -- Any or All
    • Replication or (Connection not MSMail) -- Boolean
    • domain install event -- Any or All
    • (tcp and ip) or dns -- Boolean
  4. Choose specific servers to search or select the checkbox to search Entire Documentation.
    NOTE  Note: Selecting all the servers individually does not create the same return list; selecting Entire Documentation finds information that is general to your network and not specific to servers.
  5. Press Go! when your search parameters are complete.
    Press the Next 10 button to display an additional page of matches to your search.
    Press the Prev 10 button to display the prior page of matches to your search.
    Press the Help button to display this page of instructions and tips.
    Press the Exit button to close this page.

NOTE  Notes:
  • Any of the examples could be used in the Quick Search.
  • A Quick Search with multiple words defaults to Match Type All unless Boolean operators are used.
  • Boolean expressions can be grouped with parentheses.
  • Commas are not used to separate words in a list.
  • Quotation marks are not used.
  • If a multiple word search with Any is too broad, try narrowing the search with fewer words and All Match Type.
  • Boolean expression and is logically equivalent to ALL Match Type and or is logically equivalent to ANY Match Type.