Auditor Help: Creating Selection Sets for Scheduled Tasks

Note!  Note: Scheduling functionality is available in the Auditor Professional version of the Ecora software. It is NOT available in Auditor Basic. If you are interested in the Auditor Professional edition, please contact a sales representative.

The scheduler function allows you to set Ecora's software to run automatically any time you choose. Run reports after work so they are ready at the start of the day, in the morning so you can review data before a noon meeting, or at the end of each quarter to prepare for regular audits. Within an international 24 x 7 enterprise, scheduler can be set to run at different times for multiple locations, so that reports are available for local, multi-site use at appropriate times. Users can also incorporate scheduler to automate archiving and disaster readiness procedures.

There are two basic aspects of scheduling: selecting what and scheduling when. Selection sets contain a list of systems (servers, workstations, database instances, or routers / layer 3 switches) you have grouped for data collection as well as any filtering (whether or not to include types of data, such as users and groups for NT, recipients for Exchange). Scheduling assigns a time, date, and frequency to the selection set, as well as choosing the user and pre-entering the user password so secured data can be collected with administrative access as necessary.

Creating a Selection Set

  1. Run the Ecora software.
  2. Collect data or create the report you wish to schedule, choosing the systems accordingly.
  3. When prompted if you would like to save the selections for scheduling, choose Yes.
    Prompt to save selection set
  4. Choose a name for the selection set.


  1. Run the Ecora software.
  2. Choose Edit... Selection Sets... from the menu.
  3. RIGHT click on the Selections folder to access a pop-up menu.
    Edit selection set
  4. Choose New > then either Template or Autodiscovery.
    Template creates a new file, called New File.sel.
    Autodiscovery allows you to choose systems and data filtering options, then returns to this dialog box.
  5. Select the new file in the left-hand pane.
  6. Double-click on the set to open the right-hand pane.
  7. Drill down to locate the relevant settings and change any attribute values by double-clicking in the value field in the right pane.
    Helpful Hint Tip: TRUE value = collect and document the attribute, FALSE value = do NOT collect and document the attribute.
  8. When finished, click Close.

Editing an Existing Selection Set

  1. Run the Ecora software.
  2. Choose Edit... Selection Sets... from the menu.
  3. In the Ecora Selection Editor, click on plus signs in the right-hand pane to expand the directory and display available selection sets.
  4. Locate and highlight the selection set to be edited.
    Edit selection set
  5. Expand the tree in the right-hand pane to display the editable options in the left. Some attributes have True/False options only. True collects and reports the attribute, False does NOT collect and report the attribute.
  6. When finished, click Close.

Resource  See also Scheduling Tasks.