Auditor Help: Selecting for Oracle

  1. In the Select Databases dialog box, select the database(s) you would like to document.
    Helpful HintIf you need to specify a database, click New.... It is also possible to invoke editing currently highlighted database by pressing Edit button, or to delete it using Delete button.
  2. Oracle DB selection

  3. Use the > button to move the selected instance to the Selected list.
  4. Click OK.

  5. Data Options
  6. Use the expandable tree in the left pane to locate and select the users, roles, and schemas you wish to include (or use Select All / Clear All).
  7. Click on Check Items... to open a form that allows selecting items using certain set of criteria in an automatical fashion.
  8. Verify your totals in the right pane (to keep the report size reasonable).
  9. Click the OK button to begin collection.
  10. Proceed with reporting.