Auditor Help: System Properties

  1. On the Credentials tab, enter a valid username with administrator privileges on the systems to be analyzed (in domainname\username format).
    System Credentials
  2. Enter a valid Password for that user account and retype it to confirm.
  3. On the IP Address tab, review or edit the IP address of the system(s). The Edit... button is available when multiple systems are listed and one is selected for editing.
    System IP AddressSystem IP Addresses
  4. On the Selection Sets tab, review the scheduled tasks associated with the system(s). The View Members button is available when selection sets are listed and one is selected. Clicking provides a list of systems associated with that task.
    Selection SetsSelection Sets
  5. On the Custom Attributes tab, enter or edit the values of custom fields collected for this system.
    System Custom Files
  6. Click OK and return to Discovery.