Auditor Help: Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard Environment Settings

Note! Note: Ecora Executive Dashboard is available only with the Auditor Professional version of the Ecora software, NOT available in Auditor Basic, and is a separate download. If you are interested in the Auditor Professional edition, please contact a sales representative.

MSDE or SQL Server settings

MSDE or SQL Server settings

The SQL Server instance in with will be installed Executive Dashboard database must have following settings:

  • autostarting with system;
  • mixed (SQL Server and Windows Authentication) login mode;
  • enabled network connections.

To check or set these settings:

  1. Open Enterprise Manager from Start... All Programs... Microsoft SQL Server folder.
  2. In the configuration tree, select the node that corresponded target SQL Server instance.
    Note Note:  If target SQL Server instance is absent, add new SQL Server Registration.
  3. Click Properties button.
  4. In opened dialog, check Autostart SQL Server option.
  5. Select Security tab. In this tab check authentication SQL Server and Windows and return to General tab.
  6. Click Network Configuration button.
  7. In opened window, select Named Pipes and TCP/IP from the Disabled Protocols list, and click Enable >> button.
  8. For appling all changes need to restart target SQL Server instance.