Auditor Help: Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard

Note! Note: The Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard is available only with the Auditor Professional version of Auditor. It is NOT available with Auditor Basic or Auditor Lite, and is a separate download. If you are interested in Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard, please contact a sales representative ( or 1.877.923.2672).

 Launch Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard from the icon installed on your desktop during Installation and Setup. Create and manage policies displayed and analyzed in the dashboard through the Policy tab in Auditor.

The dashboard provides the overview of compliance within your environment. The top bar includes the Button Bar for actions. The group hierarchy tree in the left is the navigational tool for the interface, providing the ability to choose groups, systems, or policies. The Summary Heading provides the top-level information about the current view and a legend. The Compliance Chart in the upper right displays the percentage of compliance by status (• green), not compliant (• red), marginal (• yellow), or pending (• blue). Compliance status is based on the percentage of rules for which the object value meets the policy criteria or systems of a group when a group is selected. Marginal is the range between compliant and not compliant (configurable in Auditor settings). Pending status indicates that some portion of the policy is currently calculating. depending on the active selections, the Views determine which tables display the details by system, policy, or rules.

Button Bar

Policy Dashboard Home ButtonOpens the Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard to the default view of all systems.
Print ButtonSends the current compliance report view to the printer.
Export / Save As ButtonBegins the process of saving the current report view to a file.
Settings ButtonOpens the Settings page where defaults and options can be modified.
Help ButtonAccesses the online help system (user manual) pages.

Summary Heading

The Summary Heading includes the name of the selected group (or system), the policy name, the numbers of systems in each compliance status range, and a legend of the statuses and thresholds.

Compliance Chart

The Compliance Chart displays the percentages by compliance status: compliant, non-compliant, marginal, and pending. Based on the view, the chart displays systems by status, systems by policy, or compliant rules for a policy.

Policy Detail Table

Click on the Properties... button to access the settings page for the table.

Group / System Detail Table

Click on the Properties... button to access the settings page for the table.

Settings Page

Resource  See Using Policies in Auditor and Defining a Policy.