Auditor Help: Managing User Login

For scheduling and for access to various trees and objects you wish to document, it may be required (or just desirable) to change the user. This allows you to specify a user account with admin rights for each tree or set a specific user for a scheduled run so the system need not be logged in to complete overnight data collection or report generation.


  1. Select the tree object at the top of the tree in the left-hand pane.
  2. Right-click on the tree object.
  3. Left-click on Who Am I? to verify the active user account for this tree,
    on Change Login to change the active user account for this tree,
    on Save Login for Scheduling to record the active user account for a scheduled task,
    on Restore login after software closes to specify the user to login to the system when the Auditor is shut down.
  4. Proceed with reporting.