Auditor Help: Documentation Reports

  1. Run the Ecora software.
  2. Click on the Document button.
  3. If prompted, enter the Preparer Settings (your name, email, and organization) and click OK.
  4. Select the Documentation Report (or Change Report, Baseline Comparison Report, or Data Collection Only).
  5. From the list of Report Types, select the report that best suits your needs.
  6. Click Next >.
  7. Choose to Collect a new data set or Use an existing data set (previously collected).
  8. Click Next >.
  9. Make the selections appropriate to the module:
  10. Note NOTE: Collection options can have ramifications on policy compliance. If you are using Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard, collection consistency is important. Failure to collect data included in your policies can result in lower compliance percentages. Empty values cannot be considered compliant, so a system may appear out of compliance if the necessary attributes were not collected and cannot be verified IN compliance.

  11. If prompted, accept the time estimate and click OK.
  12. If prompted to save this selection set for scheduling, click No or Yes and name the selection set (see the Scheduling instructions).
  13. After the report has been generated, leave the checkbox selected to View report now (or deselect it to return to the interface).
  14. Click Finish.