Auditor Help: Updating an Activation Key

A valid activation key is necessary to enable the Ecora software. You may need to update if you have purchased through buy online web pages or need to change your existing activation key (to increase the number of systems or to upgrade to Auditor). Whatever the reason, the following steps should help you get you a new activation key.

To update your activation key:

  1. Run the Ecora software.
  2. Choose Activation in the main menu, then select Activation entry.
    Licensing dialog
    Helpful Hint Tip: If you do not have an Ecora login and password, click on the New User button to access Ecora's registration page. Upon completion, you will be emailed a login and password to continue.
    If you do not know or just have forgotten your Ecora login and password, click on the Forgot Password button to have your Ecora login and password emailed to you. Then you can continue.
  3. If a proxy server or non-standard port is used to access the Internet, click on the Proxy Settings button.

  4. Note Note: If you still receive a Login error, it's likely because you have great firewall security, so please adjust its settings, or contact or call 1.877.923.2672 x771 or 1.603.436.1616 x771.
  5. When you think that everything is set all right, press on the Submit button and wait while Auditor retrieves your activation key. After the completion of a process, a confirmation message appears, displaying activation key properties, as it's shown below.
    Licensing Confirmation Message
  6. Click OK to the activation key installed message.
  7. If you already have Ecora activation key either provided as a file or gotten as a text, press on the Manual Activation button in Auditor Activation Dialog.

  8. Manual Activation
  9. If you have an activation key provided as a text, just insert it into the Activation key text area.
  10. If you have an activation key provided as a file, just press on the Get File button, then browse and select the activation key file you've gotten.
  11. Verify that an activation key appears in the Activation key text area of Manual Activation dialog.
  12. Click the OK button.
  13. Verify the data in the Activation Key installed box and click OK (or Yes) to continue.
  14. Click OK to the activation key enabled message.
  15. Proceed with reporting.