Auditor Help: Ecora Auditor Activation

Ecora allows a "free trial activation key" so you can activate Auditor product to evaluate and generate reports in your environment. Once the trial activation key has expired, an activation key must be purchased to enable the software to document the number of systems you require. Activation keys can be purchased through traditional methods or through the website. It is also possible to update an existing activation key for an extended period or to add additional units to an existing activation key.

Note! Note: Activation keys are created uniquely for your product after installation and are not "portable" to other systems.

Helpful Hint Tip: Ecora has several product versions, Ecora Auditor Lite, Ecora Auditor Basic and Ecora Auditor Professional with and without relational database support. Auditor Lite is able to generate Documentation reports only. Auditor Basic adds more configuration data and compiles Fact-Finding reports as well as Documentation reports, and provides MS SQL and MSDE database support. Auditor Professional also adds tools such as baseline comparisons, change management, alerting, and scheduling for auditing, compliance, and standards enforcement. The free trial enables Auditor Professional functionality where available. When purchasing, the correct version must be specified for a valid activation key.

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