Auditor Help: IP Usage

This describes usage of IP addresses specified in selection sets and systems management console. The table table describes which IP address is used to connect to a remote system depending on hidden attribute assigned to the system in the selection set. Connection name is shown for the case of NetBIOS discovering; for AD, discovering behavior is the same except FQDN name is used instead of NetBIOS name.

Selection set IP idb.xml IP hidden (in selection set) Connected by
empty empty false NetBIOS name*
IP 1 empty false IP 1
empty IP 2 false IP 2
IP 1 IP 2 false IP 1
empty empty true NetBIOS name*
IP 1 empty true NetBIOS name*
empty IP 2 true IP 2
IP 1 IP 2 true IP 2

Notes Notes:  * NetBIOS name, or FQDN name, if AD discovering is used.
Whenever IP address specified in the selection set is chosen, it is written into the idb.xml file.