Auditor Help: Ecora Software

Installation & Setup
      Auditor System Requirements
      Auditor Installation
      Auditor Activation
            Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard System Requirements
            Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard Setup

      User Interface Overview
      Managing Modules
      Global Settings
      Report Use & Format

Configuration Database
      Using a Configuration Database
      Database Setup
      Writing Data Sets to the Database

Collection & Reporting
      Collecting Data
      Documentation Reports
      Fact-Finding Reports
      Change Reports
      Consolidated Change Logs
      Baseline Comparison Reports
      Searching Reports
      Searching Report Definitions

Advanced Activities
      Scheduling Tasks
      System Management (Windows Module ONLY)
      Using Alerts and Triggers
      Archiving Reports
      Database Archiving
      Restoring Archived Data

Advanced Features
      Using Policies
            Defining Policies
      Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard

      Getting Software Updates
      Migrating Auditor
      Getting Patch Updates


Resources The Whitepapers area of Ecora's website includes detailed documents on Auditing, Best Practices, Compliance, IT Regulations, and Security you might find helpful.