Auditor Help: Maintenance Checklist

1Identify Servers for Collection 
2Verify Servers in Selection Sets 
 1. Check selection sets to ensure each server is in a single selection set. 
 2. Verify that each selection set is scheduled. 
 3. Verify selection parameters in each selection set match the required parameters. 
3Test Servers Prior to Collection 
 1. Ensure all devices for collection meet system requirements. 
 2. Windows - view systems management - for each selection set - run Test - troubleshoot and resolve any systems failing tests listed. 
 3. UNIX - for each system added test credentials supplied using telnet (test using SSH when implemented.) 
 4. For each selection set, ensure a corresponding scheduled task has been created. 
4Job Verification 
 Verify data is collected, imported into the database, and reports are generated as expected. 
5Check Disk Space Usage 
 1. Verify disk space on database machine is adequate - disk space available must be at least double what is being used by the database - due to MS requirements for building transaction log during delete operations. 
 2. Verify disk space on collector machine is adequate - disk space requirement is dependent upon servers being collected at each site. 
6Overall System Analysis 
 Review running jobs -- analyze information looking for anomalies.