Auditor Help:

Systems Management

From the Auditor user interface, click on the Systems button (in the button bar) to access the System Managements display.

The Systems Management Display

Systems Management provides an interface where all discovered systems can be reviewed by domain, address, last failed (or successful) collection, and associated selection sets. You can also filter the view, search for specific systems, and test connections from this display.

System Management

Capabilities Available from Systems Management

Buttons that appear across the bottom of the System Managements display provide access to the different Systems Management capabilities.

  • Help calls up this help page to explain the Systems Management interface.

  • CSV Import lets you locate and select a comma-separated value file containing a list of systems you'd like to import into this display.

    See also Auto-Importing for more information about CSV Import.

  • Filter... lets you limit the systems viewed (by name, domain, address).

  • Find... helps you locate a specific user/group with text matching.

  • Discover... finds new systems on the network that can be added to the list.

  • Test... determines whether collection can succeed with the current settings, as illustrated below.

  • Test System

  • Properties... lets you verify or edit credentials, selection sets, custom attributes.

  • WMC... lets you collect and report information about who made changes for both Active Directory and Windows objects. By turning on the WMC (Who Made Change) functionality, you can establish and customize real-time tracking settings on applications, users, security events, and resource access attempts on the selected systems.

  • Delete lets you remove a system from the hosts table of the database.

  • Close exits from the Systems Management display and returns to the main Auditor user interface.