Auditor Help: Appending Files to Ecora Reports

For even more thorough disaster recovery documentation, Ecora allows you to append any files you specify to the report so everything you need will be archived as one piece. The files are concatenated (/usr/bin/cat "filename") and the contents appended to the report and available under Appendix in the HTML tree.

Appended Files in report

To specify which files to append, you can either create one list in a "global" Appendix.xml file or create individual files by system. The software will use either the global or specific file (or both) based on whether or not the Use Global Appendix option is checked in the system specification dialog box. The Append Files to Local Device. Defined By: field defines the path to a local file, such as

The global file must be located in the /etc subdir of the installation directory, such as Ecora for Unix/etc/Appendix.xml.

Appendix.xml contains a list of "tags" and "arguments." The tag is the text that is displayed in the report as the heading in the tree. The argument defines the filename whose contents will be concatenated and saved.

The following example shows the file format:

   <file tag="Hosts" arguments="/etc/hosts" />
   <file tag="Vold" arguments="/etc/vold.conf" />

The above file would result in two nodes under the Appendix heading of the report tree. The content of each of these nodes would be the result of concatenating /etc/hosts and /etc/vold.conf files.

Note Note: Defining a "local" appendix containing a filename whose length exceeds 110 characters causes an "unknown" entry in the Appendix tree and the content shows a list of "unknowns."