Auditor Help: Advanced Database Setup

Using Microsoft's ODBC Data Source Administrator

Note Note: The following instructions provide a GENERAL guideline for establishing an Ecora Configuration Data Repository using the advanced methods. However, these steps have many variations based on your environment and choices. Consult the database administrator at your site and follow the standard Microsoft data source identification procedure.

Reference For instructions, consult the OBDC Help files (click on the Help button in one of the setup dialog boxes or locate Odbcjet.hlp and Odbcinst.hlp on your local drive - default c:/winnt/system32).

Manage Data Sources with Microsoft's ODBC Data Source Administrator

Choose to Manage Data Sources.

Click the Manage Data Sources button to define a new database. This launches the MS ODBC administrator interface. Click New....

OBDC Data Source Setup

Select the appropriate driver.

Select the SQL Server driver from the list and click Finish.
OBDC Data Source Setup

Configure the basics for the DSN.

Enter the appropriate information into the following fields:
Name: db01
Description: New data source

Click the Next > button to continue.
OBDC Data Source Setup

Enter authentication information.

Click the radio button to use SQL Server authentication.
OBDC Data Source Setup
Click the Client Configuration button.
Enable the checkbox for connecting to SQL Server for default settings for additional configuration options.
Enter your Login ID and Password.

Make sure the radio button for TCP/IP is selected and the computer name field reads.
Verify the Port Number.
OBDC Data Source Setup
Click OK to return to the previous panel if these fields aren't set properly, otherwise, click the Cancel button.

Click the Next > button to continue to the next step.

Finish configuration.

There are no settings which need to be adjusted on this screen. Click the Next > button to continue to the next step.
OBDC Data Source Setup

Click the Finish button.
OBDC Data Source Setup

Test the connection.

Click the Test Data Source button to test the connection to the database server. If no errors are reported, click OK.
OBDC Data Source Setup

Create a new data source.

If prompted to confirm creation of a new Configuration Database, click Yes.
OBDC Data Source Setup


A progress dialog shows successful creation. Begin using the database!
OBDC Data Source Setup