Auditor Help:

Reporting Custom File Properties

For even more thorough change tracking and security management, Ecora allows you to define files for which Ecora will report basic properties and checksum values (using md5) in your reports.

To specify which files to report:

  1. Run the Ecora software.
  2. Proceed with creating a report.
  3. When you get to the Data Collection Additional Parameters dialog box, click the checkbox to Report properties, permissions, and checksums for specified files (which appears after you specify domains, before you specify systems; see reporting instructions).
  4. Specify or Browse... to the file containing the file list and attributes.
  5. Select a file and or click OK and skip to step 8.
    Click New... to create a file or Edit... to change the selected file.
  6. For each line / path to be reported, you can set file type criteria (such as by file extension), the directory levels to be reported (-1 searches recursively), to report folders only or files, and if you wish MD5 checksum analysis to be performed (which takes more time and resources).
  7. When finished, click OK.
  8. Continue with system discovery for collecting.