Auditor Help: Restoring Archived Data

Note! Note: Database archiving and restoring are available in the Auditor Professional version of the Ecora software, not Auditor Basic version. If you are interested in the Auditor Professional edition, please contact a sales representative.

Ecora Auditor provides a utility for restoring archived data. This allows you to full management of disk space, but also flexibility to restore and query old data.

To extract archived data:

  1. Choose Tools... Extracting from Archive... from the main menu to access the dialog box in which to establish moving and/or deleting tasks for managing aging data.
    extracting archive dialog box
  2. Verify or modify the DSN from which to extract.
  3. Verify or modify the User name.
  4. Enter a valid Password for the user account entered.
  5. Enter the Host name where the archive is located.
  6. Verify or modify the DSN to which you're restoring data.
  7. Verify or modify the User, Password, and Host.
  8. Select the namespace(s) you wish to extract from the list of available archives you have created.
  9. Use the up/down arrows to set the date and time range for the data you wish to restore.
  10. Click OK.

Note! Note: Before any data can be restored, an archive database must be established on the Database tab in the application settings and data must have been archived to that database.