Auditor Help: Report Archiving

Note! Note: Report archiving and restoring are available in the Auditor Professional version of the Ecora software, not Auditor Basic version. If you are interested in the Auditor Professional edition, please contact a sales representative.

Ecora Auditor provides a utility for moving and/or deleting reports as they age. This allows you to manage the disk space used by accumulating reports and can coincide with a comprehensive disaster recovery backup schedule.

To create an archiving task:

  1. Click on the Scheduled Tasks tab in the left pane of the main interface.
  2. Click New Task... (or select an existing task from the list and click Edit...).
    New task
  3. In the New Task dialog box, select the Archiving and click OK.
  4. Enter a name for the task.
  5. Use the drop-down to set the Task Type (move, delete, copy).
  6. Click to enable the Apply to Subfolders option (suggested if you wish to keep images and directory structure).
  7. Enter the path to the source report being archived.
  8. Enter the destination path where the report will be archived.
  9. Use the Add Item button to select file types of the items to be archived.
  10. Use the drop-downs to set the age of the items that will be affected.
    archiving report dialog box
  11. Click on the Schedule... button to set the time and date for the task.
  12. Click Close.