Putty® SSH Key Generator for Windows®


Putty Description

A free ssh key generator tool, known as Putty, is available from a suite of ssh-enabled programs that can help create public and private key pairs for the Ecora Solaris Solutions on Windows.

Disclaimer from the Product Help-file:

Ecora does not endorse, resell, or support Putty or any other third-party software. Any SSH key generator can be used at the customer's discretion. These instructions use Putty as an example because it is widely available and freely distributed. Before using Putty or any other third party software be certain to read, understand and agree to all copyright and license agreements.

Warning: An important factor to consider before using such keys under Windows is the overall security of the Windows platform. Because the private key is simply stored on disk, in can be accessed and potentially misused by anyone who has access to the system. Consider user access, shares, and physical location.

For your convenience, Ecora has provided a qualified version of Putty that has been tested with our Solaris Products.

The following files are available for you to use at your own discretion.