Service Impact Reporting – Assessing the Consequences of Change for Compliance and Best Practices


“When things change, problems can occur and vulnerabilities are exposed. It's inevitable that IT changes will happen and that's where Auditor Professional really shines.”

— CIO and VP of IT
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Change is almost always the nemesis behind system downtime, security breaches, and failing compliance audits. Even with change approval processes, unauthorized changes can be made undetected – unless you have a way to proactively identify and report on system-wide changes. Even an approved change could have an undesired effect on system operations. What if you could assess the system-wide implications a change might make, before you actually make the change?

Provided with detailed configuration reports, change advisory boards and IT staff would have the information they need to make intelligent decisions about any potential system changes and their impact on existing infrastructure.

Ecora's solutions provide hundreds of audit-ready report templates and a policy-based dashboard for effective Service Impact Reporting.

The Ecora Solution for Service Impact Reporting

The Journal Sentinel's enterprise environment is heterogeneous with Windows and UNIX servers that run the newspaper's critical services, including circulation, advertising, email, web, and ecommerce. Keeping these systems secure was a must before for Herzfeld and his staff, but it's now an even greater necessity because of Sarbanes-Oxley. “When things change, problems can occur and vulnerabilities are exposed,” stated Jim Herzfeld, CIO and VP of IT. “It's inevitable that IT changes will happen and that's where Auditor Professional really shines. We're able to get day by day snapshot reports to prove changes happened as planned, and if not, we know exactly where the problem is so it doesn't effect security or uptime.” Because the newspaper business relies on the constant flow of outside information, Herzfeld describes it as “a collection ground for viruses.” The Journal Sentinel is using Auditor Professional to efficiently manage system and Active Directory security settings. “With Auditor Professional, we have an easier time sleeping at night.”

If you want to proactively assess the impact of changes in your infrastructure, Auditor Pro is your answer.

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