Problem Reporting – Maintaining Availability for Compliance and Best Practices


“ I'm providing services to external customers. Without up-to-date values and parameters of system configurations, any downtime will adversely affect those organization. The faster we get up and operating, the faster we can resume fullfilling our contractual obligations to our clients.”

— IT Manager

You're faced with a crisis. Critical servers essential to your business have just gone down. Every minute, you're losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue… and customers.

When a system goes down, the first step in solving the problem is determining what changed since the system was last operating properly. Yet, according to published reports by analysts like Gartner, 80% of system downtime is spent identifying the source of the problem. If you can't quickly compare your present state to an approved standard or have no documentation at all, your company could be out millions of dollars and thousands of customers.

Quickly restoring a system problem requires the ability to quickly identify your current configuration settings and compare them against a known operational state. By knowing what has changed, you can quickly define the possible causes for the problem, eliminate costly guesswork, and take steps to restore system availability.

Ecora's solutions provide a variety of change report templates for effective Problem Reporting.

The Ecora Solution for Problem Reporting

With Ecora Auditor Professional, Cefas was able to identify and track changes to the configuration settings of every major software used in their infrastructure, including Windows, Citrix, MS SQL, Exchange, IIS and Active Directory. With this information, Cefas is able to fulfill its Service Level Agreements with all of its constituents. “With Ecora, we're getting more information that we could ever document by traditional means,” said Ian Simcoe, IT Manager, Cefas. “I would not have the staff resources to do what Ecora is able to do on an automated, regular basis.”

If you need the critical configuration information necessary to identify the source of a business service breach to the root cause, Auditor Pro is your answer.

More Information

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