IT Best Practices

Today, the IT infrastructure is the backbone supporting every mission-critical business function. Organizations must be able to rely on their IT infrastructure to reliably provide the performance necessary ultimately support corporate business objectives.

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has emerged as a leading definition of best practices for a range of IT disciplines. ITIL, and other frameworks like CobiT, NIST, and ISO 17799, enable IT managers to run their business services through a series of proven processes and methodologies.

The foundation for each of these disciplines is an effective configuration and change management solution. Without the ability to discover, collect, analyze and report on enterprise configuration settings and their subsequent changes, there is no way to effectively implement problem management, service impact management, identity & access management, disaster recovery or any of the other aspects of ITIL.

Ecora Auditor Professional is the only solution to automate the generation of detailed configuration and change reporting for identifying and auditing configuration settings and their changes in virtually all operating systems, database management systems, applications, directories, network devices and firewalls. With its agentless architecture, you can begin collecting data and reporting on your infrastructure in a matter of hours. Pre-installed report templates quickly validate newly deployed systems are configured to an established baseline configuration standard, identify systems that have drifted from your standard, and identify potential root cause for an outage by identifying deviations from a system's last known good state.

Integration with popular service desk solutions like BMC Remedy and HP OpenView Service Desk provide the ability to act quickly to remediate configuration drift that has been detected through Auditor Pro's rich reporting and policy analysis. Auditor Pro can also populate CMDBs ensuring that the assets tracked are up to date.

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