Identity & Access Reporting – Preventing Unauthorized Access for Compliance and Best Practices

“With Ecora, we have greater control of our IT infrastructure. We… always know exactly what's in our environment, who our users are, and what access they have.”

— IT Manager
Cape Cod Cooperative

Managing identity and access rights is a critical part of any successful IT operation. While identity management systems offer the opportunity to provision identity and access rights from a centralized console, they are impractical for most companies because of the number of connectors required in today's complex, decentralized infrastructures which require almost 12-18 months to implement. If you are required to meet external regulatory compliance laws like Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA, or PCI, you can't afford to wait that long to be able to validate identity and access rights controls are being met.

To keep privileged data for misuse by employees, contractors, or even former employees, you need up-to-date information on who has access to your systems, files and shares. The first step in ensuring the wrong people don't have inappropriate access to critical information is to regularly be able to report all access rights and password permissions. If you aren't consistently monitoring access rights and passwords, you're a prime candidate for a data exploit, complete with unwanted headlines, potential fines and jail time.

With Ecora, reports can be generated that identify accounts that haven't logged in recently, passwords that haven't changed in a month, or who currently has NTFS permissions to specific folders or files containing sensitive, regulated information. Armed with this information, IT can work with human resources to ensure proper access rights are constantly maintained.

Ecora's solutions provide hundreds of audit-ready report templates and a policy-based dashboard for effective Identity & Access Reporting.

The Ecora Solution for Identity & Access Reporting

With Ecora Auditor Professional, Cape Cod Cooperative automated the collection of configuration data so that the IT staff can produce the reports that auditors need – ahead of time and on demand. The software is providing the bank with the ability to manage changes and better troubleshoot problems. “With Ecora, we have greater control of our IT infrastructure – benefits we an directly pass on to our customers,” discussed Jason Bordun, IT Manager. “now always know exactly what's in our environment, who our users are, and what access they have. This is everything our auditors are asking for and more.”

If you need validation that access rights and permissions are properly changed, disabled or terminated to ensure only approved personnel have access to your critical systems, files and shares, Auditor Pro is your answer.

More Information

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