Disaster Recovery – Restoring Business & IT Services for Compliance and Best Practices


“By having constantly updated disaster recovery documentation, we are so much better prepared in case of crisis to quickly recover servers or to completely configure SunGard systems to keep our infrastructure available.”

— Senior Server Analyst

Disaster Recovery, in a nutshell, is getting your business back on its feet as quickly as possible after a natural or man-made disaster. In this case, time really IS money. If you don't know how your systems are configured, what the appropriate access rights are, what shares are permitted, or what data should be present, you will waste costly time restoring your systems. Then, once you are back up and running, how can you validate you're fully restored to your previous working state?

Tape back-ups can fail or be misplaced. Even when current tape back-ups are available, they don't capture the depth of configuration data necessary to ensure your systems are fully restored to their prior operational state. There is no substitute for up-to-date, comprehensive documentation reports of your entire infrastructure to quickly re-establish services and validate the recovery was performed correctly.

Ecora's solutions provide hundreds of audit-ready report templates and a policy-based dashboard for effective Disaster Recovery.

The Ecora Solution

“When we learned about Ecora Auditor Professional and its agent-less deployment, we thought this would be the ideal solution for us,” said Andrew Johnson, Senior Server Analyst. “We were instantly sold on its ease of use, ability to collect all the information we need from Windows, UNIX, Active Directory, and Exchange, and how we could continually generate the most up-to-date disaster recovery documentation.” “With Ecora, we went from documenting servers when we could to automating the process on a weekly basis with the added benefit of identifying changes that were being made,” added Johnson.

If you need comprehensive documentation to restore your critical business and IT services and validate they've been restored correctly, Auditor Pro is your answer.

More Information

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