“We run Ecora Auditor Professional weekly on half of our servers to generate the current server reports required to quickly rebuild systems in case of a major problem. The Ecora reports also help us see what changed to better troubleshoot issues and reduce the time spent resolving them.”

Isaac Guadalupe
Server Administrator
St. Jude Medical

Manage Server Configuration Changes

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Solution Overview

Reduce the time, cost, and complexity of managing server configurations

Server Configuration and Change Management

Maintaining consistent, accurate server configurations is a time-consuming, costly, manual process, but essential to ensure critical business applications function optimally and securely. Variables such as authorized and unauthorized changes and new security patches – plus regulatory compliance and demands for standardization – can make this task an overwhelming burden on IT resources.

Automating the deployment of critical changes reduces labor and human error, while providing greater control over the IT infrastructure.

The Ecora Solution

Easy-to-install and deploy, Ecora solutions simplify change and configuration management and maximize availability by controlling configuration changes and identifying policy deviations. Standardizing your server environment with accurate, up-to-date configurations reduces troubleshooting time and improves infrastructure security. Compliance mandates, whether regulatory or corporate, are easier to sustain with Ecora solutions. Our web-accessible dashboard graphically displays compliance status at a glance, giving you the knowledge to identify and correct deviations. Once compliance is re-established, produce audit-ready reports that prove you're in control of configuration standards.

How Ecora Benefits You

  • Make changes to critical configuration settings
  • Ensure standard configurations are enforced
  • View policy compliance status at a glance on a web-accessible dashboard
  • Control configuration drift to sustain compliance
  • Reduce human error and minimize downtime
  • Rapidly recover servers
  • Minimize security risks caused by unauthorized changes

Ecora Server Configuration Management Suite