Configuration Reporting – The Cornerstone of Compliance and Best Practices

“To effectively comply with the new laws and regulations, IT operational groups must be able to document, track and audit configuration management information. Success will depend on identifying appropriate levels of configuration management item detail, governance, and automation.”

— Daniel Vogel
Gartner 7/6/05

Let's face it – most companies do not have any idea what is in their IT infrastructure. For example, if you ask how many servers they are keeping track of, they're going to give you an approximate answer. “I might have 80 to 100” or “I have between 150 and 200.” This, unfortunately, is not solid information and why you might be failing audits, facing fines or penalties, or wasting resources.

Once you discover exactly what's in your enterprise, it's essential to know who has access to your systems, databases, and applications. Does a former employee still have permissions that would provide them access to your systems? Does someone who was transferred out of the finance department still have access to confidential financial data that could put your organization at risk?

The initial step for meeting any compliance requirement or initiating any IT best practice is knowing exactly what you have in your IT infrastructure at any moment in time, how it's configured, and who has access to it.

Ecora's solutions provide hundreds of audit-ready report templates and a policy-based dashboard for effective Configuration Reporting.

The Ecora Solution for Configuration Reporting

Ecora Auditor Pro can:

  • Automate discovery and documentation of critical IT assets such as servers, databases, applications and related configuration details
  • Show auditors a complete inventory of your environment, not just a best guess.
  • Identify any rogue systems that have been introduced into your network and remove them prior to an audit.
  • Run documentation reports on an ongoing basis to prove exactly how they're configured.
  • Use built-in baseline report templates to quickly show when current configuration are inconsistent with corporate or regulatory standards.
  • If you need to identify and collect in-depth configuration settings or discover “what you have” in your environment, Auditor Pro is your answer.
  • Identify who has access to what systems, folders, and data

More Information

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