Regulatory compliance has become a fixture in the fabric of IT operations. Compliance requires organizations to establish measurable controls to protect privileged information and validate those controls are maintained as systems change over time. As compliance regulations mature and the audit process continues to evolve, auditors have become more aggressive in evaluating these controls. Still, some auditors continue to make demands that are operationally impossible to implement. The problem is compounded by the continuing ambiguity of many regulations. An effective configuration auditing process is necessary to provide evidence to any auditor that an IT environment has integrity.

By maintaining appropriate configuration controls, you also reduce other risks associated with unauthorized change - including downtime because of system failure, the introduction of security vulnerabilities, and insider security threats.

According to leading analyst firms, the key for effectively meeting compliance objectives is the ability to define configuration policies based on internal standards or external regulations, analyze the current state of the environment against those policies, and integrate with an existing change management system so that any variance to established standards can be properly remediated.

Ecora Auditor Professional is the only solution to automate the generation of detailed configuration and change reporting for identifying and auditing configuration changes in virtually all operating systems, database management systems, applications, directories, network devices and firewalls. With its agentless architecture, you can begin collecting data and reporting on your infrastructure in a matter of hours. Pre-defined policies and rich report templates are identified by the specific compliance requirement they validate, saving time and effort in providing documented evidence to auditors.

Auditor Pro's web-based Executive Dashboard provides a continual view of how compliant an environment is to any major regulatory compliance standard by analyzing the current state of the environment against pre-defined compliance policies and rules.

Ecora's integration with popular service desk solutions like BMC Remedy and HP OpenView Service Desk provides the ability to quickly validate approved changes and identify and remediate unintended changes detected through Auditor Pro's rich reporting and policy analysis.

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