Change Reporting – Controlling Change for Compliance and Best Practices


“Ecora Auditor Professional makes it easier to find all changes, something we could not have done manually with the amount of servers we're managing. We're able to quickly see exactly what changes happened on our servers. If there's a problem, we're able to run an historical report, identify the troublesome change(s), and avoid a costly downtime event. Keeping an audit trail also helps us maintain our compliance.”

— Alan Wen,
System Analyst

Once you've figured out what you have and how it's configured, you need to be aware any time systems change. Most companies have some form of a change control process. You request a change. The change board approves it and sends notice to someone to make the change. The job ticket to make the change is closed. Hold on… how do you know the change was actually made? In most cases, you don't have any idea.

Meeting any compliance requirement or initiating any IT best practice requires that you can validate approved changes were made correctly without causing any unanticipated additional changes. More importantly, you must be able to identify and remediate any unauthorized changes being made in your environment.

Ecora's solutions provide a variety of report templates for effective Change Reporting.

The Ecora Solution for Change Reporting

With Ecora, Apache Corporation has established a checks and balances system to validate planned and approved changes that were submitted. To identify unauthorized changes, Apache runs Ecora reports that can discover those changes within minutes. Apache also uses the Ecora change management reports to prove compliance to its internal IT and security standards.

If you need to validate approved changes and identify and remediate unauthorized changes in your environment, Auditor Pro is your answer.

More Information

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