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Change: It's one of the few real constants in this world. And nowhere is this more evident than your IT environment. Manual processes to identify and manage change no longer scale to match the demands on IT staffs. Ecora provides solutions that allow a proactive view of your complete IT infrastructure ensuring critical business services remain operationally effective, secure, and compliant with internal standards and external regulations. Auditor Professional™ is the only solution to automate detailed configuration and change reporting for auditing and identifying configuration changes in virtually all operating systems, database management systems, applications, and network devices. Auditor Professional™ collects thousands of asset, security and configuration settings into a historical database for reporting, auditing, baselining, and change tracking. It can even populate popular CMDBs and integrate with leading service desk applications, further automating change management.

Auditor Professional™ offers immediate value with its agentless architecture matched a robust policy engine and rich report templates providing the foundation for effective change and configuration management. You can begin collecting data and start reporting on your infrastructure in a matter of hours.

Find out how Auditor Professional™ is used by the Fortune 1000 and government agencies to enable: