Prepared For: kim <>
Prepared On: 15.05.2006 11:50:18
Prepared By: Ecora Auditor Professional 4.0 - Lotus Domino Module
Prepared Using: FFR Definition 'Security'
Prepared Time Criteria: Dataset: 15.05.2006 11:36:58

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Server Access (Allow Monitors, Deny Monitors), Version (NOI Restricted List, NOI Unrestricted List), Web Server Access (Web server authentication type)

Access Server Input Address Book Access Allow Access Anonymous Access Browser AdminAccess Check Passwords Create Access Deny Access Passthru Destination Passthru To Access Other Servers Passthru To Another Server Private List Replica Access Restricted List Servers Accessed Through This Passthru Unrestricted List White List Allow Monitors Deny Monitors NOI Restricted List NOI Unrestricted List Web server authentication type
  No   No   disabled                     No *       fewer name variations with higher security