Ecora Auditor: Citrix Sample Reports

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  • Documentation Report
  • Baseline Report
    • Servers – This report shows all changes to a specific Citrix server.
  • Change Report
    • Administrators – This report shows all changes to a specific Citrix server. This is useful in showing compliance to regulatory or internal standards.
  • Fact Finding Reports:
    • Published Applications – Displays published application information for each server within a Citrix farm. For security analysis, the detailed application information also shows if anonymous access is allowed.
    • ICA Global Settings – Quickly points out display problems by showing the resolution being used to display applications.
    • License Type and ID – Shows licensing information for all Citrix servers, including: license type, ID, Status, Available, In-use, and specifically assigned licenses.
    • MetaFrame Product – This report is a very detailed list of the version and details of the MetaFrame product which is a good way to check that all priducts are at the same build level.
    • MetaFrame Settings – This report shows the important settings of different farms. This is great for troubleshooting or maintaining consistency between the farms in your environment.
    • Driver Mapping – Helps troubleshooting by displaying all polices used to map clients to the Citrix server. Also detects potential security risks by showing what each client has can access on the Citrix server. Mapping information includes: drive mappings, floppy drive, hard drive, and printers.
    • All Rules – This report shows all the rules set for different farms. This is a great way to view all the rules on all your farms in 1 easy to read format.
  • Consolidated Change Log Reports:
    • Policies – Shows corporate compliance by tracking when policies are added to or removed from the Citrix environment.
    • Applications – This report shows critical application settings for 4 different times. This report is a great way of seeing what is changing in your Citrix environment and when.
    • Servers – This report shows changes to critical server configurations. This is an excellent report to show what changed in the Citrix environment and to validate what actually changed on the systems.