Automated PCI DSS Regulatory Compliance Reporting


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“After exposing 145,000 customer accounts to illegitimate source, data broker ChoicePoint last year reporter $11.4 million in related charges. Factoring in the cost of subsequent system and process modifications, Gartner estimates the cost to ChoisePoint at about $90 per exposed account.”

— Network World 7/10/06

PCI Reports in a Box with Auditor Pro!

Auditor Professional gives you the answers to the most critical PCI-related questions such as:

  • Who has access to systems holding financial records?
  • Who has access to Share information?
  • Where are internal security vulnerabilities?
  • What patch levels are we at?
  • Are configuration changes being tracked and documented?
  • What policies are changing within Active Directory?
  • Can we show an audit trail?
  • And much more…

Let's face it. You need to automate your change and configuration management best practices to validate compliance with PCI Data Security Standard processes and decrease your security vulnerabilities.

You need a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance tool that helps you stay on top of IT security processes and procedures specified by the PCI Security Standards Council Data Security Standard version 1.1 – and allow you to produce reports to submit during the quarterly network scan and annual on-site audit or self-assessment describing the status of your IT security and how your agency plans to improve any deficiencies.

Many merchants and service providers use Ecora Auditor Professional today to generate reports for the quarterly network scan and annual audit or assessment of the PCI compliance process – including identifying the IT assets of all major systems, categorizing the risks of these systems, verifying the security controls for these systems, performing continuous monitoring of these controls and providing reports that allow you to take corrective actions and produce reports that prove PCI compliance.

Ecora's solutions provide hundreds of audit-ready report templates and a policy-based dashboard for effective PCI DSS Compliance.

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