ITIL Service Management Best Practices for Businesses with a Customizable Framework

Get timely reports for configuration documentation, change tracking & analysis, release management, incident management, and problem management that meet ITIL standards.


ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of best practice standards for Information Technology (IT) service management. ITIL provides businesses with a customizable framework to achieve quality service and overcome difficulties associated with IT systems growth. ITIL consists of 6 sections: Service Support, Service Delivery, Planning to Implement Service Management, ICT Infrastructure Management, Applications Management, and the Business Perspective.

Ecora Auditor Professional

Ecora Software has a strong value proposition working within the Service Support section of ITIL:

  • Configuration Management – Identifying, controlling, maintaining, and verifying detailed configuration settings.
  • Change Management – Standardized methods and procedures are used to handle all configuration changes.
  • Release Management – Holistic view of change to an IT service.
  • Incident Management – Ability to restore normal service to operation as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the business.
  • Problem Management – Proactively prevent the occurrence of incidents, problems, and errors.
  • Service Desk – Central point of contact between the user and IT service management.


  • How are my systems configured?
  • Do I have up-to-date documentation on my infrastructure?
  • Can I track specific configuration changes?
  • Can I see a holistic cross-platform view to changes across my environment?
  • Who has access to systems and information on the network?
  • What patch levels are we at?
  • Can I guarantee my systems are configured properly?
  • What policies are changing within Active Directory or Citrix?
  • Can we show a change audit trail?
  • And many more…

Auditor Professional Product Information