Ecora Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard

Detailed analysis for validating IT Controls, security policies and configuration standards

An organization needs the ability to quickly assess compliance with policies, standards and regulations to maintain operational expectations, reduce security vulnerabilities, and meet compliance audit requirements. Yet, with the complexity of today's heterogeneous environments, IT departments require immediate, detailed configuration analysis to effectively address these challenges.

The Ecora Executive Dashboard, using sophisticated, Boolean-based algorithms, provides configuration analysis in a context appropriate for multiple roles within an organization. Executives are able to quickly understand the overall compliance of their entire environment with just a glance at the Red-Yellow-Green pie chart, based on internal standards or external regulations. IT Managers can use their own role-based view to identify individual systems that are out of compliance with specified objectives and set priorities for remediation. With just a few clicks, administrators are able to determine the exact rules that are out of compliance and the specific configuration attribute in need of remediation in order to restore a proper compliant state.

This capability saves months of manual assessment work and delivers a near real-time IT environment status, putting organizations back in control of their systems.

The Executive Dashboard uses a rich repository of pre-defined policies based on IT best practice standards and regulatory compliance requirements to effectively analyze the tens of thousands of configuration settings collected by Ecora Auditor Pro and stored within Ecora's centralized configuration database. Ecora Executive Dashboard comes pre-populated with policies that assess compliance with regulatory standards like Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA/FISCAM, HIPAA, GLBA, and PCI and best practice frameworks like CIS, SANS and NIST. Policies are continuously updated as requirements change or new regulations or standards are added.

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Customers can edit existing policies or create custom, cross-device policies to compare and analyze information from the entire IT environment: operating systems, databases, application, even network routers, enabling a view of policy compliance that captures every layer of the IT infrastructure. The sophisticated policy definition framework provides the basis for comparing and evaluating multiple configuration elements across all of these devices. This provides organizations the opportunity to assess broad system concerns or situations tied to a specific rule that need immediate attention from within the same dashboard view.

Ecora Executive Dashboard provides the contextual analysis necessary for organizations to instantly assess the compliance of their environment, identify non-compliant systems, and have the required information to address specific misconfigurations.