Auditor Professional Version 4.5

Today's global business environment requires around-the-clock system availability that extends far beyond the traditional data center. You must have a clear view of what is transpiring in your enterprise at all times or face unplanned downtime, potential security exploits, and failed compliance audits. Ecora Software provides automated configuration audit and analytics solutions to customers worldwide, ensuring their IT infrastructures remain operationally effective, secure and compliant. As a crucial element integrated into an overall Business Service Management (BSM) strategy, Ecora is the market leader in transforming enterprise-wide configuration data into clear, actionable reports for regulatory compliance and enabling IT best practices.

Ecora Auditor Professional™

Ecora Auditor Pro utilizes an agentless architecture to discover, collect, analyze and report on configuration data from your infrastructure. It delivers immediate value by leveraging pre-defined policies and rich report templates to provide the foundation for effective change and configuration management. Ecora Software ensures that you are prepared for any IT audit before the auditor arrives, taking the cost and complexity out of compliance audits. This has been proven by Ecora's 800 active worldwide customers across a wide range of industries, including many of the Fortune 1000.

With our latest release, Auditor Pro Version 4.5, we have added new capabilities and enhanced others to extend the value across your organization. Highlights include:

NEW Ecora Compliance Center

Ecora Compliance Center combines policy-based dashboard and web based reporting capabilities into a streamlined intuitive interface. Aimed at consumers of compliance information (CISO, CIO, auditors, change and security managers) Ecora Compliance Center allows users to keep their finger on the pulse of organization compliance with customizable dashboards and compliance trend information. For detailed compliance and IT operations reporting, Ecora Compliance Center provides an easy way to generate and share compliance reports across your enterprise.

NEW Help desk and asset database integration, we help you close the loop

As your IT assets grow, the challenge of keeping accurate information of what's where and what's changing get harder every day. With out of the box integration with BMC Remedy 6 and HP Service Desk 4.5, Auditor Professional can keep your staff informed of changes that may not have been planned and keep your configuration and asset databases up to date with the latest 'live' configuration information hot off your servers.

IMPROVED Compliance Reports

With hundreds of out of the box reports for IT best practice and regulatory reporting, Ecora was already your best choice for today's rapidly changing compliance tasks. Now, Ecora has made the best reports even better! With improved readability, enhanced content, and an executive look you'll understand why Ecora is the standard in compliance reporting.