Ecora Auditor Professional

The Need for Configuration Audit and Analytics

Today's global business environment requires around-the-clock system availability that extends far beyond the traditional data center. You must have a clear view of what is transpiring in your enterprise at all times or face unplanned downtime, potential security exploits, and failed compliance audits. Ecora Software provides automated configuration audit and analytics solutions to customers worldwide, ensuring their IT infrastructures remain operationally effective, secure and compliant. As a crucial element integrated into an overall Business Service Management (BSM) strategy, Ecora is the market leader in transforming enterprise-wide configuration data into clear, actionable reports for regulatory compliance and enabling IT best practices.

Ecora Auditor Professional™

Ecora Auditor Pro utilizes an agentless architecture to discover, collect, analyze and report on configuration data from your infrastructure. It delivers immediate value by leveraging pre-defined policies and rich report templates to provide the foundation for effective change and configuration management. Ecora Software ensures that you are prepared for any IT audit before the auditor arrives, taking the cost and complexity out of compliance audits. This has been proven by Ecora's 800 active worldwide customers across a wide range of industries, including many of the Fortune 1000.

Ecora Auditor Pro has distinguished itself in the marketplace by delivering exceptional value in each of the five core competencies required for an effective configuration audit and analytics solution.

Discover Collect Analyze Report Validation

Ecora Auditor Pro provides the singular, transparent view of an IT infrastructure that the Fortune 1000 and government agencies depend on daily to address diverse business and IT initiatives, including:

Configuration Audit

Auditor Pro's ability to provide detailed auditing and analysis of today's IT environment ensures the configuration of servers and other assets for proper capacity planning, accurate configuration of environments designed for business continuity, successful migration from physical to virtual environments, and application lifecycles across an environment. By maintaining appropriate configuration controls, you will also reduce the risks associated with unauthorized change - including downtime because of system failure, the introduction of security vulnerabilities, and insider security threats. Read More.

Change Management

Ecora Auditor Pro is an effective change management solution offering a single, centralized interface for identifying all configuration elements across an IT infrastructure. Its powerful reporting capabilities provide a high-level status of overall enterprise health. Integrations with leading help and service desk tools provide validation that changes have been made independent of the change deployment mechanism. Read More.


Auditor Pro comes with pre-defined configuration policies based on industry best practices and established regulatory guidelines to effectively analyze the current state of the environment against those policies, and, through its integration with existing change management systems, can provide a method for properly remediating any variance to established standards. And, Auditor Pro's hundreds of pre-installed report templates make compliance validation a breeze compared to inconsistent, time-consuming manual efforts. Read More.

IT Best Practices

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has emerged as a leading definition of best practices for a range of IT disciplines. ITIL, and other frameworks like CobiT, NIST, and ISO 17799, enable IT managers to run their business services through a series of proven processes and methodologies.

The foundation for each of these disciplines is the type of effective configuration audit and analytics Ecora Auditor Pro provides. Without the ability to discover, collect, analyze and report on enterprise configuration settings and their subsequent changes, there is no way to effectively implement problem management, service impact management, identity & access management, disaster recovery or any of the other aspects of ITIL. Read More.

Key Features and Benefits: