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Arch Reinsurance Selects Ecora to for Configuration Insight to Critical Production Servers

Portsmouth, N.H. – June 03, 2008 – Ecora Software, the market-proven leader for configuration auditing and compliance reporting solutions, today announced that Arch Reinsurance Ltd. has selected Ecora Auditor Professional™ to ensure accurate daily reporting of its IT environment. Through the use of Auditor Pro, Arch Reinsurance Ltd. is able to provide updated documentation of all network devices, providing the capability to identify and remediate any unauthorized changes to its infrastructure. This has greatly reduced the burden placed on the IT department during the auditing process and has increased the level of satisfaction of both internal and external auditors in regards to the level of integrity associated with Arch's reporting capabilities.

Arch Reinsurance Ltd. deploys a multivendor IT infrastructure running a combination of approximately 60 Windows 2003 servers in two data centers. In addition, they are utilizing Check Point firewalls and Cisco routers and switches. The challenge they faced prior to Ecora was accurately tracking and reporting on configuration changes to the routers and firewalls as well as production servers on a daily basis. In addition, Arch was concerned as to the level of insight they had into the access and permissions being granted to the Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Dynamics GP Servers. With Ecora Auditor Pro, they are now able to have accurate, daily views into their IT configuration status.

"Prior to Ecora we had major problems managing configurations on the Cisco routers and Check Point firewalls. Ideally, we would have preferred to verify device configuration changes on a daily basis but we just didn't have the manpower to do that," said Robert Sheridan K. Smith, Information Technology Manger, Arch Reinsurance Ltd.. "Instead we'd have to login to the devices every month and print off the configurations and then compare them with the previous month. This was extremely time consuming. Ecora has automated this entire process allowing the IT staff to focus on other areas."

With Auditor Pro in place, Arch Reinsurance Ltd. is now able to monitor critical devices and servers daily for unauthorized changes. Because financial services companies such as Arch Reinsurance Ltd. are subject to a number of compliance initiatives such as Sarbanes-Oxley, it is imperative that they are able to provide systemic validation that they have established controls over their IT infrastructure and have processes in place to ensure they don't change.

"Arch Reinsurance Ltd. is a great example of the benefit that can be derived from automating the reporting process for IT infrastructures," says John Walsh, SVP Engineering of Ecora. "To obtain the level of monitoring and vigilance necessary in an environment such as the one at Arch Reinsurance Ltd. would be cost prohibitive for most companies. With Ecora, they are systematically able to ensure the proper level of oversight while fulfilling their compliance obligations."

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