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Ecora Issues Daylight Savings Time Advisory Offering Solutions to Manage Enterprise-Level "DST" Patches

Portsmouth, N.H. – March 05, 2007 – Ecora Software today issued an advisory to global enterprises scrambling to ensure they are prepared for the March 11, 2007 daylight savings time change, which could affect computers and servers across the enterprise network.

For IT professionals looking to shore up any last minute efforts to ensure seamless, uninterrupted performance and availability of systems during the changeover, Ecora has made available for purchase online its Patch Manager solution. Ecora's Patch Manager knowledge base has already been updated to agentlessly deploy the latest Microsoft patches, including the patch for the change in daylight savings time. In addition, if the necessary file or registry patch for any Windows-based application is available, it can be deployed enterprise-wide using Patch Manager's Custom Patching capability.

Ecora's Patch Manager solution may be purchased and downloaded online with a credit card for as little as $495 for a 25-node pack. Enterprises looking to ensure availability of systems in accordance with the DST change should visit the Ecora online store at

“While not likely to cause any catastrophic events to your network, the change in daylight savings time is so pervasive in an IT environment, it's going to be very difficult to ensure you've fixed every computer and server,” said Paul Cleary, Vice President of Professional Services for Ecora. “Auditor Pro and Patch Manager can help automate this process to save time and resources.”

Beginning in 2007, daylight saving time (DST) will be extended in the United States. DST will start on March 11, 2007, which is three weeks earlier than usual, and it will end on November 4, 2007, which is one week later than usual. This results in a new DST period that is four weeks longer than in previous years. Unless certain updates are in place, the time zone settings for computers and servers on the network may be incorrect during this four-week period.

For Existing Ecora Customers:

Ecora Auditor Professional customers running version 4.1 will not experience any issues related to the DST change. Customers running previous versions who are under active maintenance can upgrade to the latest version by logging in the “Manage Your Account” section of the Ecora website and clicking the download link at the top of the page or by visiting

Customers interested in upgrading to Patch Manager 5.0 can download the new version by logging in to the “Manage Your Account” section of the Ecora website and selecting the download link at the top of the page, or by visiting

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