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2007-09-12 Automated Documentation and Compliance Brian Cote, senior product manager for Ecora Software, talks about the challenges of network documentation and compliance and how Ecora Auditor Pro resolves some of the critical missing auditing pieces in our native operating systems.
2007-08-29 SOX at 5: Benefits and Headaches James Sayles, chief compliance advisor at Ecora Software and an expert in security, risk management and auditing, discusses the pros and cons of SOX with Cara Garretson.
2007-06-01 Managing Compliance amid Change In this IT Link podcast, Mike Vizard talks with Joe Fiorentino, former CEO of Ecora, about compliance reporting and change management, and Fiorentino offers some advice to IT managers.
2007-03-27 eBizQ Podcast Coverage While Companies Are Well Protected Against Outsider Threats, Insider Threats Remain: Ecora's Solution.
2007-03-26 VMware Security Tip of the Day #9 Documenting and monitoring configuration changes, especially security-related configuration changes, are fundamental to securing VMware ESX servers. Join Alex as he shares why this may be even more important in a virtualized environment.
2007-03-23 VMware Security Tip of the Day #8 This podcast focuses on the importance of securing Guest operating systems. Tune in to hear what Alex has to say on this important subject.
2007-03-22 VMware Security Tip of the Day #7 Patching isn't just for physical servers. Alex explains why patching is an equally important security concern in virtual environments.
2007-03-21 VMware Security Tip of the Day #6 In this podcast, Alex shares why you should use Virtual Center to help manage granular security access for your VMware environment.
2007-03-20 VMware Security Tip of the Day #5 Disabling all unnecessary services in the VMware ESX console Operating System is a key security consideration. Alex Bakman explains why.
2007-03-19 VMware Security Tip of the Day #4 Alex Bakman, Ecora's founder, explores why disabling root access in VMware ESX servers is essential to meeting compliance audit requirements.
2007-03-16 VMware Security Tip of the Day #3 In this podcast, Alex explains the positive security benefits associated with maintaining VMware ESX's default security setting = high.
2007-03-15 VMware Security Tip of the Day #2 Alex addresses the importance of controlling network traffic to and from critical servers and how VMware makes physical segregation possible.
2007-03-14 VMware Security Tip of the Day #1 Alex Bakman, Ecora Founder and CTO, addresses the architecture in the X86 environment, the primary vulnerability in VMware ESX, and how to address it.

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