Civilian Agencies

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic data is a critical concern for all government agencies, and demonstrating compliance with evolving compliance initiatives and mandates requires that organizations prove that access to data is tightly controlled. Who has access to which systems and what data? Are configuration changes being identified and monitored? Are security policies and patch levels up to date?

Ecora solutions automatically collect data on tens of thousands of configuration and security settings from business-critical operating systems, databases, applications, directory services, and networking devices to provide reports needed for regulatory compliance audits-saving valuable time and resources. Civilian government agencies use Ecora solutions to demonstrate compliance with a range of initiatives, including FISMA.

Plus, with Ecora's detailed, enterprise-wide change reporting, agencies can proactively identify the impact of changes before problems with performance or downtime can occur, ensuring maximum systems availability. “Who Made the Change” reporting identifies any user initiating authorized or unauthorized changes, validates that authorized changes are deployed properly, determines the source of any unauthorized changes, and reduces troubleshooting time significantly by knowing the responsible party for potential misconfigurations.

In addition to automating change, configuration, and compliance reporting functionality, Ecora solutions automate these other critical IT best practices:

Contacts for Federal Programs, Projects, and Integrators

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