Federal Government

Delivering Enterprise Configuration Visibility™ for Department of Defense and Civilian Agencies

“Ecora does a phenomenal job. Basically, with the push of a button, we collect the information on our databases and produce the reports we need on a continual basis. I can't put into words the time savings that Ecora provides us with.”

Chuck Lewis
Senior Database Analyst
United States Coast Guard Finance Center

The most comprehensive automated configuration, compliance, and IT best practices reporting software available today, Ecora solutions increase transparency by providing Enterprise Configuration Visibility that assures IT infrastructures are secure, compliant, and effective.

Federal government defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies rely on secure, reliable, and efficient IT systems to accomplish their government missions, yet the thousands of IT infrastructure changes that take place on a daily basis may put the security, performance, and availability of those systems at risk.

Ecora solutions:

  • Provide improved data security and integrity
  • Validate compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Increase service availability
  • Maximize enterprise-wide performance and operational efficiency

Ecora solutions use patented technology to collect detailed, enterprise-wide configuration data from across the infrastructure-including virtually all systems, servers, services, applications, and devices-store it in a central database, and can automatically transform the collected information into thousands of easy-to-understand, out-of-the-box reports. Agencies benefit from complete visibility into configuration information, compliance status, configuration change, system-wide security, and more.

Contacts for Federal Programs, Projects, and Integrators

Primary Contact: Josh McBride
Telephone: 603.334.3186
Email: sales_gov@ecora.com