Ecora Patch Manager FAQ

Question:  When I try to install Reporting Center, I get the following Error Message:
"Error 1001. Could not find the file specified." How can I complete the installation of Reporting Center?

Answer:  The cause of this behavior can be due to the Reporting Center installation trying to invoke ASPNET_REGIIS.exe from the incorrect folder location.

If you have, (or had), a version of Microsoft.NET installed that is newer than v1.1.4322, temporarily rename the folder containing the corresponding newer .NET installation and then re-run the Reporting Center installation.
For example you might rename the %windir%Microsoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727 folder. to "OLD2.0.50727".
After successful completion of the Reporting Center installation, rename the folder back to it's previous name.

More Information: Ecora is aware of this issue in the 1.5.5200.11742 file version of the Reporting Center installation (EcoraRCSetup.exe) and it will be resolved it in a future release of Reporting Center.

ID: 26522